About Us

Zolfindustria operates in the fields of logistics, trading and sulphur milling.

With its know-how and technological capabilities, the company is able to extract sulphur in any form, transform it, store it and transport it throughout Italy and abroad.

Specifically, Zolfindustria transforms sulphur physically to make it suitable for industrial and agricultural use.


Founded in 1988 under the name Agrindustria and based in San Cipriano Po (PV), the Company was acquired by Esseco in 1996, and its name subsequently changed to Zolfindustria.

The main physical transformation plants and the logistics centre are still located at the historic site in San Cipriano Po, while the head office was moved to San Martino di Trecate (NO) in 2006.

In 1993 Esseco set up a warehouse for sulphur storage in Macchiareddu (CA), followed in 2001 by the installation of a sulphur milling plant there. The location of this plant was intended to effectively respond to the demand for sulphur storage for refineries in the area, a few kilometres from Cagliari. It is sited in an area with good infrastructure, allowing deliveries by road and sea.

Mission & Vision

Zolfindustria supplies sulphur globally as and when required, meeting the highest levels of customer satisfaction in terms of reliability, flexibility and quality, continuously seeking to improve the safety and efficiency of its processes.

Each day, we seek to passionately, responsibly and transparently grow so as to always provide the best response to our customers’ needs, helping them to offer ever safer and higher-quality products.

Zolfindustria operates in the field of logistics, trading and milling of native sulphur, as a by-product for Italian refineries.


“Sulphur as it is needed and where it is needed, for industry and agriculture”

Code Of Ethics

The role of Guarantor of the Code of Ethics and Supervision of Model 231 is the responsibility of the Supervisory Body of Zolfindustria Srl.

In order to encourage reporting, the Supervisory Body provides the following channels of communication.

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