Quality and Certification

All production processes and checks are defined by Zolfindustria quality assurance protocols, set up for homologation of physical and chemical properties and related methods of analysis required by end users.

Zolfindustria has also been certified for quality since 2002.


Customer service and Logistics

Zolfindustria coordinates transport between sulphur sources (refineries) and end users. This activity is obviously linked both to the company’s logistical coordination capabilities and to its storage capacity. This is why over the years the company has worked to develop the Macchiareddu site, which as well as providing significant storage facilities, is located close to one of Italy’s most important oil-refining areas. Following the same strategy, the company also holds a share in Setras, a group specializing in intermodal freight transport using swap bodies.

Zolfindustria is a reliable partner for refineries owing to its capacity to systematically absorb the quantities made available during the refining process.